Piotr Borkowski

CEO AI Security Foundation

Expert and Manager with 17 years of experience in widely understood cybersecurity. Involved in social projects such as the AntiFraud Association or the CISO #Poland Foundation. Participant and leader of many projects of government (CERT.GOV.PL), consulting (Deloitte) and global rank as Executive Director and Head of Red Team Operations & Cybersecurity Testing in one of the biggest global banks. He has also held the role of Board Advisor and  external CISO for many companies and organisations, helping to build an entire security system from scratch. Lecturer on security subjects and speaker at various industry conferences in Poland and around the world. He has been observing the development of artificial intelligence for years, analysing its strengths and weaknesses. As a security expert, he wants to contribute to the development of this particular area through the activities of the AI Security Foundation’s social project.

Augustyn Wróbel

He is an advocate with more than a dozen years of experience in legal services with specialization in banking, sustainable finance and debt capital markets. He advises banks on both transactional and regulatory matters. Currently he holds the position of Counsel at the law firm Osborne Clarke.  Speaker at numerous conferences, training courses and lecturer at MBA studies. Augustyn hopes that a social project like the AI Security Foundation will have an impact on increasing the safe use of artificial intelligence and developing the importance of sustainable digital finance, of which AI is an important part.

Maciej Mackiewicz

He is an attorney specialising in a combination of criminal law, new technology and compliance.  His experience includes a range of projects in corporate security, internal fraud prevention, complex audits and implementations in the areas of data protection and cyber security. Currently he is a partner in a boutique criminal and commercial law firm. Maciej is a founder and coordinator of the Telecommunications Security Forum “Tel Sec” – a conference organised jointly by the security teams of the largest telecommunication operators and also he is a founder and President of the Board of the Association Against Economic Fraud “Antifraud”, which is a platform for cooperation of individuals and entities dealing with business security.

Mariusz Szewczyk

Mariusz has been following and analysing the development of artificial intelligence for a long time. He sees the potential and, at the same time, the threats that the implementation of AI into people’s everyday lives brings. He combines his technical knowledge from the Warsaw University of Technology with a long-standing passion for gaining knowledge about the human body and mind. Involved in social issues and actions related to corporate social responsibility.

Paweł Fiedorowicz

Manager with over 15 years of professional experience gained in both global structured companies, portfolio companies of investment funds, and ownership organizations being leaders in their fields, including InPost, Black Red White, and 4F. Over the years of working directly with Funders or Management, he was responsible for building international expansion strategies, their execution, and other key business projects from a business perspective. His area of responsibility also included supporting traditional businesses through new technologies. He is an advocate of innovative approaches in business and believes in the potential of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to support and secure the development of traditional enterprises. His experience includes comprehensive business strategy management, international expansion, and the implementation of key projects for the organization’s success.

Kamila Borkowska

Kamila decided to get involved in the AI Security Foundation project to help spread awareness of responsible AI development, which supports society but does not replace it. At the Foundation she is responsible for marketing and PR activities. Kamila has been professionally and passionately involved in the real estate market for 15 years, where AI is also playing an increasingly important role. Privately, she is a lover of travel, mountain hiking and horse riding.