About us

AI Security Foundation is a non-governmental organisation for cyber security experts who have experience or want to develop in the field of artificial intelligence security.

As a platform for the exchange of experience and information, AI Security Foundation is also tasked with specific activities in the area of research and development through technical cooperations with partners and participation in broader Polish and international projects within consortia that are expected to result in specific technological solutions to improve the security level of various types of AI implementations.

Among the main subject matter areas, we highlight:

    • Security of algorithm building
    • Implementation security (on premise and cloud) of AI
    • Tests of AI security
    • Legal aspects of AI security
    • Building a so-called Community around the issue
    • Raising awareness among the public and users about AI security
    • Ethical aspects of AI security
    • AI in security systems

Main methods of action in the areas mentioned above:

Establishing national and international partnerships to participate in projects related to the development of AI security technologies

Creating own R&D projects for building technological solutions in Poland

Building playbooks, standards, etc. for secure AI implementation, testing methods or Auditing

Presenting the results of the foundation’s experts’ work at Polish and international conferences

Creating legal commentaries on data security in AI and on AI itself